• Tranquil Body Treats - Part 1

    I have discovered so many wonderful brands since starting this blog and one of my absolute favourites is Tranquil Body Treats (Read all my past posts here and i just remembered that I have a LONG overdue post to do on the soy candles! I'll do one soon).  
    Leigh, the owner and founder of Tranquil Body Treats, recently had her brand rebranded and has redesigned all the labeling.  I'll admit that the old packaging wasn't all the flashy or eye catching but as soon as you use the products I wouldn't care if they had come in brown bags because they are so incredibly good.  That being said, the work that has gone into rebranding the brand will definitely help catch people who buy with their eyes first.

    To avoid this being a very long post I am going to break it up into 2 parts.
    Hand Mousse in Oatmeal, Milk and Honey

    I have mentioned in the past that I am the type of person that has to apply hand cream all the time so receiving this product was something that made me very happy.  I am also a huge fan of honey so I couldn't wait to open the tub and rip the silver protective label off.  The hand cream is light and fluffy, which is what you'd expect judging from it's name - I'm not going to try to explain it, it's easier to just show you what I mean:
    The cream has a light fragrance that I personally love because when I am applying hand cream throughout the day, an overly scented product does start to make me feel ill.  To me the best thing about this hand mousse is that it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave my hands with a greasy or sticky feeling.  This is something that is a must for next to your bedside.  At R50 for 125ml this is amazing value because you don't need to use a lot.  The mousse comes in the following scents: Apricot and Buttermilk; Oatmeal, Milk and Honey; Soya Milk and Quince.

    Foot Scrub in Choc Mint

    I adore scrubs in all their many forms and Tranquil Body Treat's scrubs are among the best.  If you haven't tried their scrubs before, do yourself a favour and get your hands on some (read a review of the body scrub here).

    The foot scrub looks and smells of a chocolate dessert and it almost has a sorbet look to it.  The scrub has a great texture that is perfect for getting a nice smooth finish.  I love the silky soft feeling my feet have after using this and the chocolate minty scent leaves your feet feeling spoiled rotten!  I have written a post before on the Raspberry scent foot scrub (read it here).  There is also a Lemon Grass, Lime and Basil scent that sounds just as great!  cost is R66 for 125ml.

    To view the full product range and order products visit the Tranquil Body Treats website.  Follow Tranquil Body Treats on Twitter and Facebook.


    1. Hi Charlene

      I have never heard of tranquil body treats before, I found this very informative. I love body and foot scrubs so I will be visiting their page to see where I can get it. Gotta get my skin ready for my bikini ;)

      1. Their products are truly amazing and very affordable. You should try their body salt scrub. It's perfect for getting your skin ready for summer!

    2. The hand mousse sounds amazing!! I have very sensitive and dry hands and I'm actually looking for a new hand cream to try. Thanks for the info!

      1. It really is amazing and perfect for people with sensitive skin :)

    3. Wow!! These products look good enough to eat!! Yumminess for your body!!

      1. The Chocolate food scrub especially smells as if you can scoop a bit up and put it in your mouth :P


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