• Professional Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo and Conditioner

    There is nothing that boosts my confidence like having a great hair day.  I'm always on the hunt for hair products that are consistent with their results while being quick and easy to use.
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    The shampoo has a great consistency that spreads easily throughout the hair and foams up well.  It has a really great fragrance that is soft and pleasant which I personally like.  I am not a fan of hair care products that have an overwhelming scent.  It removes oil and dirt incredibly well without the feeling that your hair has been stripped of all its moisture.  The conditioner also has a great scent which makes it a treat to apply.  It nourishes and moisturises each strand of hair.  The thing I love most about these products is that it leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and doesn't weigh down my hair at all.  

    These products are meant to be used on chemically treated hair so it works wonders on hair that needs deep nourishment.  Both bottles last well as a little really goes a long way so you even at a higher price compared to supermarket brands, this works out to be good value for money.

    I have fine hair that falls mostly straight but is prone to a flyaways in the dry summer and a bit of frizzing in wet winters that Cape Town experiences.  After washing my hair with these products and blowdrying my hair, it had no frizz or flyaways and looked beautifully healthy.  

    Now for the full disclosure part:
    As mentioned in many of my other posts, I am quite sensitive to certain products and my skin reacts badly.  Although my hair looked amazing the product caused an allergic reaction where the skin around my neck and on my chest itched badly and I had to take allergy medication and use cortisone creams to ease the itching.  For those who are not sensitive to most products, you shouldn't experience the problems I did.

    You can read my review on the Beauty South Africa website.

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