• Falling in love with Lush: Part 1

    I wrote a post last week about my shopping experience at Lush (read it here) and bought a few face cream products.  Usually I wait about 2 weeks before writing any face care reviews but in just over a week I have fallen in love with the products I bought that I just had to do some posts.  I am going to do 2 parts to the review otherwise it'll be an incredibly long post.

    Angles on Bare Bare Skin - Facial Cleanser (R85.00 for 100g)
    Skin care
    When first seeing this cleaner in the store I had a hard time believing this cleanser would be any good.  A store assistant quickly volunteered to show me just how good this is and being incredibly skeptical I offered up my hand for a demonstration - I was blown away by the results!  

    The cleanser has a clay like texture because it is made up of Ground Almonds along with other wonderful ingredients (read more on the Lush website).  The way to use it is to take a small ball of "clay" from the tub and place it in the palm of your hand., add a few drops of water and work it into the "clay' to create a paste.  When you are happy with the consistency simply work the cleanser across your face in small circular motions.  The consistency and all the ingredients of the cleanser makes it a rich cleanser to use - all the particles in cleanser lifts up dirt, oil and dead skin cells.  While doing all of this it also moisturises and soothes your skin leaving it feeling squeaky clean and nourished.  Another great thing about this cleanser is that because it is filled with so many great things you can use it as a mask.

    I thought I would miss a foaming gel face wash but after using this I am converted!

    Eau Roma Water Toner Water (R48.00 for 100g)
    I have never been a huge user of toners but this is toner water which is entirely different to the toners I have used in the past.  A store assistant explained to me that after washing your skin a lot of water is stripped from your skin and when you then apply moisturiser to your skin the first thing that is absorbed is water and this means that the rest of the ingredients in the moisturiser are not always fully absorbed (that is why the first ingredient in most moisturisers is Aqua).  What this toner water does is when sprayed on your face your skin absorbs the moisturer and then when you apply a moisturiser all the active ingredients that you want your skin to absorbed are absorbed immediately.  Another great thing about this toner water is that it is actually lavender and rose water (Read full list of ingredients on the Lush website).  In the Lush store they has the testers literally on ice which made them extra refreshing to use and that means on a hot summer day I'll have a wonderful refreshing treat to look forward to.

    Come back later to read Part 2 which has reviews of of the Lush Vanishing Cream and Colour Essentials Light Pink colour supplement.

    Visit a Lush website or follow them on twitter.


    1. The cleanser sounds great! I like the price as well. I need to make a plan to get to Lush ASAP!! :)

      1. It really is great! Love using it and I am sure you'll love the store as much as I do.

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