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    I've written quite a few reviews for my blog on essence products and mentioned how much I love their makeup products.  I was sent some skin care products by Essence a few weeks ago to test out and after having used them for a while now I am able to share my thoughts on these.

    Pure Skin Natural Cover Moisturiser
    Natural Cover Moisturizer
    Before and After
    This moisturiser is light wearing, absorbed quickly into the skin and what makes this even better is that it is tinted.  I received 2 shades of this moisturiser - a Medium to Dark and Lighter Skin.  For my skin tone the Lighter Skin was a good match in that it made my skin look naturally more tanned.  However if you have fair skin then this colour will be too dark.  But if you use this sparingly then you should be able to blend it in nicely and create a more natural look.  The moisturiser is mattifying and oil free which means is wears well on your skin and makes it a pleasure to use.  I hate using greasy heavy creams on my face.  When using this moisturiser I find that I don't need to use any base or powder as the finish is good enough to create the appearance of an even complexion.  The range is specifically aimed at people who battle with blackheads and spots, which I fortunately do not really battle with, so I can't comment on how effective it is in that regard.  But the cream moisturises very well and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

    Pure Skin SOS spot killer
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    As already mentioned, I don't battle with pimples so I couldn't actually test this product at all so instead of writing a review of it I thought I'd just share what the product is said to do.  It is a 2 phase emergency aid against spots with clearderm complex antibacterial.  The product dries up spots overnight and helps to improve the appearance of the spot.  

    One thing I definitely can comment on it that I like the face that this uses a brush to apply the product instead of the typical roll-on tip.  This means that you can apply the product directly onto the head of the pimple and not on the skin surrounding the affected area.  This means you won't dry an area that does not need the treatment.

    Note: After applying this in the evening one has to wash it off in the morning.

    Essence products are available at Clicks and Dischem stores.  Follow Essence on Facebook andTwitter or visit their website.


    1. oooh oil free! me likey!
      I struggle finding proper skin products that won't break the bank!

    2. I find this better than the Garnier BB cream :)

    3. I haven't tried the Garnier BB cream but I was seriously impressed with these moisturisers!

    4. These are really great - for my skin I would go for the My Skin range over the Pure Skin - but both ranges are great!


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