• Thank you Mini and Shake & Bake Crew

    Back in June I made a donation to the Shake & Bake charity during their Put Foot Rally 2012 where they joined forces with Mini.  Anytime Mini is involved in charity I try to help out because I LOVE mini and feel that as a mini owner I should do a little to help Mini when I can.  At each stop a winner was chosen from all those who made donations and I was one of the lucky names to be drawn (the winners were announced on Twitter).  

    I received my prize and opened up the HUGE box and as expected there was a duffel bag that I thought I would get (and was something I wanted to buy for myself) but when I pulled the zip open I nearly fainted! And this is why...
    I can't even begin to describe how happy I was to find the bag packed full of all the mini branded products.  I honestly didn't expect anything this extravagant!

    To Mini South Africa and the Shake & Bake Crew, thank you so very much! 

    Mini South Africa: Website; Twitter and Facebook
    Shake & Bake Crew: Website; Twitter and Facebook

    PS. And in case you were wondering, here is my dream Mini...
    Mini Roadster 2012


    1. The sunnies are too cool!
      You deserve the spoils for having such a big heart!

      1. Thanks Kerry :) Then sunglasses are very cool - but I am not 100% sure that they suit me :P Will have to wear them a bit and see how I feel.

    2. WOW girl!! That is SO awesome!! Congrats and good for u!! Again...if u give, u will receive!! ;0) Enjoy sweets! Xx

      1. I know! Such an amazing prize and completely unexpected for it to be so much. Thanks for the sweet comment (as always) xxx

    3. Oh wow! I don't think anyone would have been more excited than you, to receive this gift. Very nice!!

    4. Congrats on the prize! Perfect for you. ;)


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