• Placecol Hydrating Facial Treatment with Soft Laser and CEYA treatment

    My Mom and I had a Signature Placecol facial on Thursday last week to celebrate my last day of work at my old job.  Mostly I scheduled it to help myself relax after a very emotionally exhausting day.  
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    Arriving at Placecol we filled in our forms (for first time visitors) then made our way to our treatment rooms.  The facial starts off with a thorough cleansing of the face, neck and declotage area which immediately relaxes you.  After toner is applied a soft laser is used over the entire face and neck area  (The soft laser is explained in the image above).  The is no pain or any weird sensation - it's actually very calming and soothing because as the laser moves across your skin it warms up and feels soothing against the skin.  After the soft laser treatment, a chemical exfoliant was applied to my skin.  The product has the most amazing scent!  As soon as I smelt it I asked the therapist what it was - the exfoliant uses plant acids to exfoliate the skin (5 different acids to be precise) and it is left on your skin for about 5 minutes.  

    After it was rinsed off I had CEYA treatment done to the area around my eyes and across my forehead (I chose these areas as I frown a lot and have fine lines around my eyes).  CEYA (Cap Energy Youth Activator) is a diathermic machine that uses radio-frequency currents to stimulate blood to enter the cells of the skin to help with ageing problems.  During the treatment you can feel heat from the machine and slight tingling but it is not at all uncomfortable.  After that treatment the skin is against cleansed and a mask is applied.  While the mask was working its magic I had a hot stone massage on my shoulders, neck and declotage area - It was pure heaven! The mask is then removed and a moisturiser is applied to the skin which finishes off the facial.

    After the facial my skin looked dewy and so healthy.  I also noticed an immediate visible improvement around my eyes - the skin looked and felt firmer and many of the fine lines around my eyes were gone.  For about 30 minutes you can feel a slight tingling feeling where the CEYA was used but it is not unpleasant and then the feeling goes away all together.  It has been 2 days now and the area around my eyes is still looking the same as after the treatment.  If I could buy a CEYA laser for home I definitely would! 

    Placecol really made a noticeable difference to the condition of my skin in only 1 facial treatment.  I can't wait to have many more facials! 

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    1. Sounds fabulous! I need a CEYA laser - an industrial strength one! Ha-ha :)

    2. It was so amazing! Loved it and I am already itching for another treatment. :)

    3. I am DEFINITELY going to try it out!! Have been threatening to go for a facial for a while already so now I have a good excuse to get my butt in gear and go! Thanks!! XX

      1. It really is amazing - I'm already thinking that my first new paycheck is going to treat me to another facial :D Trying to convince myself that I deserve the treat after the first month at a new job :P

    4. I had the microdermlaser done 1st June 2013, it was pure heaven! My first time at Placecol! Already booked my second one for next month!

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