• Manicure Monday

    I started working in a more corporate environment which has meant that I have to tone down the nail polish colours that I wear.  I thought I would try out Avon's Ballerina that is said to dry completely in 30 seconds - something that I actually tested the claim.  It does dry in 30 seconds but when applying more than 1 coat you need to wait about 5 minutes for everything to harden properly to avoid smudges.
    SpeedDry+ Nail Enamel
    Avon SpeedDry+ nail enamel in Ballerina
    A sheer pink that dries in 30 seconds.


    1. Very pretty colour. Perfect for a corporate environment :)

    2. It's pretty but such a downer that you have to tone things down for the office! :O(

      Oh well, guess you will just have to go wild on the weekends then!!


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