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    I had my first day of work at my new job and as a Taurean I am a creature of comfort and don't like serious changes - I like the familiar and tend to like having routine in my life as far as work is concerned.  So needless to say I am feeling rather overwhelmed by everything.  I saw this quote and thought I'd share it...Although my drink of choice will be a huge cup of hot chocolate with as many marshmallows I can fit into the mug.
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    1. Change can be overwhelming at times... Wishing you all the best in your new job :)

    2. Love that saying :)
      Keep us updated on how its going, I'm sure it will get better with each day :)
      Sending hugs your way to get you through the first few days.

      1. Aww Kerry you are always so sweet!
        My second day was SO MUCH better - once I get a desk and PC and access card I'll be happier being there. But I feel that I'll be able to do well in the job so I had a much more positive feeling.
        And BIG HUGS back! xxx

    3. Yay!! So happy to hear that the job is going well so far!! The start of a new job is always stressful but it's the quietest time to so try enjoy it...and enjoy drinking lots of hot chocolate before the craziness sets in!! ;o)


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