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    This is a slightly darker purple daytime look (compared to other ones I have done in previous weeks) that I like to do when I wear pink or purple clothing.
    There was a shadow cast on the inner area of my eyes - it is not purple eye shadow.


    1. Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in XOXO - R44.95 from Clicks
    2. Smashbox Limitless 15 hour wear cream shadow in Amethyst- R190 from Woolworths
    3. Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Mascara - R89 at Clicks
    4. All in one face base from The Body Shop - R145.00 from The Body Shop

    How to achieve the simple look:

    1. Prepare your eyelid with either an eyeshadow primer or normal face powder.  I prefer using a face base powder.
    2. Use a white colour to cover the entire eyelid.
    3. In the outer corners of your eyelids, apply some dark black or grey eyeshadow and smudge inwards to cover about a 3rd of the area of your lids.
    4. Take a purple and smudge another 3rd of your lid area with purple in the centre of your lids.
    5. Use a light teal or grey in the inner corners of your eyes to cover the remaining 3rd of your eyelids.
    6. Take the purple used on the middle of your lids and soften the edges of the eyeshadows in the crease of your lids and smudge up towards your brow bones.
    7. Take a bit of the cream eyeshadow, line the top and bottom of your eyelids.
    8. Finish off the look with a coat of mascara and softly line your bottom eyeline with black or purple eyeliner.


    1. I wear a shade of sheer pink lipstick with this look, my favourite being Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour lip protectant sheer tint stick in Blush.  This retails for around R125.


    I am by no means a makeup artist, nor am I pretending to be one.  All the looks I share will be very simple and easy to do.


    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that look!! Looks absolutely stunning on you Charlene!! You are SO gorgeous hun...so when are you gonna start modelling???

      1. LOL! Tammy I am far too old to even consider that :P But thanks for the compliment :)

    2. You look gorgeous! Love that look :)

    3. Gorgeous colour. You remind me so much of Princess Kate. :) x

      1. I've heard this quite a few times now - she's beautiful so I'll take the compliment any day :)

      2. She is beautiful! And it is an honest compliment. :)


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