• Blink Mints

    I've mentioned before in many of my posts how much I love pretty things and recently I spotted Blinkmints on the shelves in Clicks.  
    These little sugar free mints are housed in beautiful tins that have a little bead embedded into the corner of the lid - so pretty! There are many different designs and colours to choose from, with each colour representing a different flavour.  I bought myself a blue tin because I love peppermints but Ill definitely be getting a purple tin soon, purely because purple in my favourite colour.

    Blink mints can be bought from Clicks, CNA and various garages around the country.

    Visit the Blink website for more information and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well.


    1. Loving them!
      Best is when your done you can remove the little plastic inner and youre left with a cute tin.

      1. I agree! I feel SO BAD when throwing these little tins away. They'd be perfect for storing goodies - hair bands and hair pins.


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