• Avon Glow Powder Eyeshadow

    I love wearing purple eyeshadows and spotted this Glow powder eyeshadow in an Avon Brochure.
    Electric Violet
    Avon Glow Powder Eyeshadow in Electric Violet
    The eyeshadow powder comes in a bottle with a sponge applicator.  The applicator has a great shape that makes it easy to apply directly onto the eyelid.  The pointed tip allows for easy lining an the curved tip blends the eyeshadow well across the lids.  The eyeshadow can be applied darkly and is easily blended to soften the colour.  The eyeshadow lasts very well throughout the day and is easily removed with makeup remover.  One thing to be careful of, is that some of the powder does fall onto your cheeks when applying so have some makeup wipes handy to clean up.

    The eyeshadow was on special for R49.95 when I ordered it.

    View the latest Avon Brochure online.


    1. That is pretty and looks easy to apply! Avons specials are to die for!

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