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    There are certain areas of a woman's body that gives away her age immediately - the hands being one of them.  Just like you look after your face, so should you take care of your hands.  Since starting to use Essie nail polishes and nail treatments I adore the brand and spotted this amazing Essie Ejuvenate Discovery Set. 
    Essie Ejuvenate Discovery set
    Order from Takealot.com for R249
    The products are infused with rice extract, arginine, vitamins A and C, glycolic acid and liquorice root extract which all help combat the signs of ageing.  Even though I don't have mature skin, I always think prevention is better than cure and will use products such as the Essie Ejuvenate set to help the skin on my hands maintain a young appearance for as long as possible.

    The pack includes the following products:
    Essie Hydro-Therapy Hand Revitalizer – 28.35g Soften ageing hands and cuticles with Essie Hydro-therapy Hand Revitalizer, a gentle effervescent milk bath. Infused with anti-oxidant vitamins A and C, and malic acid to help reveal smooth, supple and younger-looking hands.
    Essie Microdermabrasion Hand Refiner – 28.35g Gently exfoliate hands with Essie Microdermabrasion Hand Refiner, a lightweight, creamy formula with microdermabrasion crystals. Rice extract helps promote cellular longevity and stimulate sirtuin activity, to reveal smooth, soft and younger-looking hands.
    Essie Advanced Radiance Hand Treatment – 28.35g Reduce the appearance of age spots on the hands without irritation with Essie Advanced Radiance Hand Treatment. Stimulating caffeine firms the skin, while arbutin and liquorice root extract help to gently brighten hyperpigmentation and discoloration.
    Essie Intensive Recovery Hand Cream – 28.35g Help repair and moisturise dry, ageing hands and cuticles with Essie Intensive Recovery Hand Cream, a fast absorbing luxurious cream. Rice extract helps to promote cellular longevity and stimulate sirtuin activity, leaving skin smooth, soft and younger-looking.

    With all that we put our hands through everyday, this is a quick and easy system to use to ensure that we keep our hands looking and feeling good for a long time.

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