• Tranquil Body Treats Clay Soap review

    I recently ordered some soy candles from Tranquil Body Treats and was delighted to see that Leigh (from Tranquil Body Treats) had included a bar of clay soap for me.
    I received a Grapefruit and Fennel scented bar of clay soap which I was very happy to see, because I do love the scent of grapefruit.  I hadn't used clay soap before and was very excited to test this out because I love natural soaps.

    The bar of soap has a creamy white appearance and the consistency is much softer than that of traditional store bought bars of soap.  When used the bar doesn't foam up which is something I had to get use to because I am use to foamy soaps and at first you do feel like you aren't getting the dirt off your skin.  But while using it you do feel that your skin feels cleaner but unlike other  foaming soaps I have used, my skin felt nourished and moisturised.  This is due to the addition of coconut, almond and wheat germ oils within the natural clay.  The fennel seeds in the bottom of the bar create a nice massaging feeling when run across your skin. 

    After a few weeks of use, I have noticed that my skin is softer and smoother and I thoroughly enjoy using this soap.  At R30 for a bar it is very  reasonably priced and lasts very well.

    Thank you to Tranquil Body Treats for the added treat in my order.  I'll do a write up of the soy massage candles that I bought very soon!

    To view the full product range and order products visit the Tranquil Body Treats website.  Follow Tranquil Body treats on Twitter and Facebook.

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