• Spreading my love for Greenlove

    I love online shopping mainly because I don't like standing in queues - nothing agitates me more than long queues when you've been walking around for hours trying to find things.

    I have also recently been getting into trying more natural products after being introduced to them through a few competitions I have won.  In my search for replacement green products I discovered Greenlove, an online store that only sells natural products.

    Now you are probably wondering what makes Greenlove so great.  Besides for the wonderful website (that is simple and easy to navigate) they provide such amazing service!  On Monday morning I placed an order for about 12 products and by 3pm I had all the goodies on my desk!  There were such cute touches to my order - hearts drawn on the box, little personal note written on my invoice and the interaction via email and twitter has been such a pleasure.

    For my upcoming giveaway I purchased a few items for the hamper and while looking at them I am secretly envious of the winner that gets to use everything (Although, I did order a few extras to treat myself to)....so I bet you are wondering what I ordered.  I am still trying to decide if I should share what's in the hamper or keep it all a secret.  I am leaning towards it being a surprise however I will share a few of the brands that you can expect in the hamper so far:
    • Avon
    • Balm Balm
    • Clarins
    • Essence Cosmetics
    • Pure Simple
    • Rimmel London
    • Sally Hansen
    • SOil
    • Victorian Garden
    • Yardley
    Remember the 6 month giveaway goes live on the 5th of September!


    1. Oooh the winner of this is going to be one lucky lady. How exciting! I love suprise hampers/goodie bags, I actually requested one for my birthday and got such cutesy stuff.. Some Essence polish and mascara and then some Mr P accessories amongst other things (all my faves) it really is such a treat to get something like this.

    2. *Squeal*...this is enough to give anyone a SPRING in their step at the beginning of SPRING!! Love it Charlene!! XX

    3. Thanks Kerry and Tammy! I am very happy that you both are so excited. The goodies are looking so good - in fact I realised that I might need bigger boxes :P

    4. Bigger boxes are ALWAYS a great sign!! :O)

      1. Yes, I can't fit everything into the box I had :P Lots of great goodies that I am personally very envious of!


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