• Review of the August Sisley Glossybox

    The August Glossybox saw a partnership with Sisley Paris that had me incredibly excited (which I am certain you all could pick up on as I immediately tweeted and blogged about the partnership a good couple of times).  As mentioned in my previous blog post about the box, I received my box earlier than most subscribers and am now able to provide a proper review of each product.
    The products included in the box are:
    • Cleansing Milk with Sage (RSP: R851 for 250ml)
      We received a 30ml trail size which is valued at R102.12.  To be honest, I am a gel wash girl - it's like I need to see and feel the foam in order for my skin to feel clean.  However this milk cleanser is superb at its job.  It removes makeup and oil from the skin effortlessly while leaving my skin feeling nourished and moisturised.  I am still not 100% convinced that I have been converted to milk cleansers but I thoroughly enjoyed testing this cleanser out.
    • Floral Toning Lotion Alcohol-Free (RSP: R735 for 250ml)
      We received a pretty pink 30ml bottle valued at R88.20.  Again, toner is a product that I don't normally use so it was an adjustment for me to incorporate it into my daily routine.  But by the third time of using it, it has now become a step I can't do without.  Other toners I have used in the past haven't all been kind to my skin, as most of them contain alcohol that stings and burns the skin when applied.  This toner is gentle yet very effective.  It is also when using the toner that you can see how amazing the cleansing milk really is.  There are no serious tell tale signs of dirt left on the cotton swab when wiping the toner across your skin.
    • Express Flower Gel Mask (RSP: R996 for 60ml.)  
      I treasure the 15ml tube in this box which is valued at R249.  After the very first 20 minute use I noticed an improvement in my skin's texture and tone.  I often battle with little lines around my eyes because I work in an air conditioned building and often don't drink as much water as I should and this leads to my skin taking a knock when the cells in my skin become dehydrated.  This mask obviously does not perform miracles by making deep set wrinkles disappear, but if you are like me then this cream does wonders.   By rehydrating the skin cells it plumps up the skin - this is what reduces the appearance of the fine lines.  I find that I see even better results if I leave this on longer than suggested.  I usually apply this while still in the bath and then go about my evening routine, only removing the mask up to an hour or so later.  By leaving it on longer you allow the mask to really penetrate the skin.
    • Eye and Lip Contour Balm (RSP: R996 for 30ml)
      A 5ml tube was included in the box and is valued at R166.  At first I looked at the tiny tube and thought this wouldn't last all that long but you literally only need 1 drop per eye and 2 drops of the gel for your lips.  This gel has a clear consistency and non-greasy formula that is absorbed immediately into the skin when applied.  It is great at rehydrating the skin and perfect for the little dehydration lines on my eyes and lips.
    • Hydra Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration (RSP: R1798 for 40ml)
      We received a 10ml tube of face cream that is valued at an amazing R449.50! This is my absolute favourite product in the box because it's such a treat to use.  None of the Sisley products in the box are overly scents and many of them you can't actually pick up a scent (which personally I really love) but this face cream has the most amazing scent.  I wish there was a link I could post that would pump out the scent because there just aren't words to describe it - I LOVE IT! The cream is wonderful at moisturising the skin and along with all the other products they work wonders at hydrating and rejuvenating the skin cells.  If I had the option of one product out of this box, I would choose this moisturisers (with the mask coming in a very close second place).  Honestly, if I could easily afford to buy the full size product I would buy this in a heartbeat
    • Also included was a sample of their anti-ageing lift foundation which was an extra little treat.  It only comes in one shade (Rose Complexion A) which means you can share the box if it is not suited to your skin tone.  This is an extra that was unexpected and much appreciated.  I am not sure what the recommended selling price is for this foundation.  This luckily suited my skin tone.  I haven't used foundation before and my first attempt was hilarious.  I then added a little of the foundation to the moisturiser and applied that to my skin.  It gave my skin a nice even tone and because it goes on sheer it is hardly even noticeable that you are wearing any foundation at all.  As I have mentioned, I haven't worn foundation before so I don't know what it's suppose to feel like on the skin, but I find this very light wearing and even though I can feel there is something on my skin that I am not use to, it's not unpleasant at all.
    At first the trail samples seem very small and one would think that they wouldn't last that long, but you need very small amounts of each product to cover your face and neck area.  I have been using the products for just over a week now and I'm only just starting to make a dent in the bottles and tubes.  This means that if any of you venture out to buy the full sized products, you can rest assured that you will get your money's worth out of it because there is basically zero product wastage.  I have 4 boxes in total that I am going to treasure and love using.

    Overall I can't express enough how happy I am with this month's Glossybox!  All the products are exceptional quality and after only just over a week of use I can see remarkable changes in my skin that makes me incredibly happy.  The only thing I would've loved to test along with all the products in the box, is an exfoliator - I like to exfoliate my skin 2-3 times a week.  But this is just me being overly greedy because I enjoy using this products so much.

    Glossybox claimed that this box would be worth R800 and that is why I did a cost breakdown for each product.  When adding the value of all the products, I arrive at a total value of R1054.82 for the box - which means this box is the best valued beauty box to date in South Africa.

    If this box is any indication of Glossybox's future, I am incredibly excited and can't wait to see what Glossybox will offer next!
    Subscribe to Glossybox to ensure that you never miss out on amazing boxes such as this Sisley box.  You can also follow Glossybox on Facebook and Twitter.  For more information on Sisley you can visit their website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  Sisley products are available exclusively at Edgars stores. 

    Nice to know:
    What makes Sisley special is that it is based on plant extracts that hydrate, strengthen and regenerate the skin.  You learn more about the Sisley brand from a previous post I did.

    PS. Thank you once again to the ladies at Glossybox for treating me to two Glossyboxes.


    1. Well that turned out to be a huge bargain! Good thing this was the first Glossybox I ordered. I also love the brand, wish it was more accessible here in SA>

      1. Yes, this box has been an absolute bargain and the best kind of box to get as an introduction to Glossybox. I LOVE all the products and will definitely try to save up for a few Sisley items :)

    2. Even my hubby took to the Restoring cream. We tried googling but it's impossible to get it here. And I agree, it's totally worth the price! If you happen to find an SA oulet, do share :D

      1. I am hoping that the fact that Sisley partnered with Glossybox is a sign of them bringing more products to the South African market. Holding thumbs!


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