• Lady Gaga Fame fragrance trailer

    I think one of the biggest announcements in the beauty industry this year has been the upcoming release of the new Lady Gaga Fame perfume.  If I look at all the press and hype on social media this perfume is much anticipated and I think it will break many sales records when it is released.

    Here is the trailer for the perfume:

    It makes a huge impact and you'd expect nothing less from Lady Gaga.  To be completely honest, I wouldn't call myself a Lady Gaga fan - but after all the hype and anticipation I can't help but long for a bottle of her perfume (I am a perfume addict).  The design and concept is truly unique.

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    1. The bottle screams Gaga - dark and mysterious.. I am dying for Justin Biebers Someday perfume, smelt it once and since then nothing has compared.. I know right, Bieber of all people


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