• Eyes of the Day

    This is a look that I like to do when I feel like showing off my lashes.


    1. Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Fly Down To... - No longer available in South Africa.
    2. Bionike Defence Color Ombretto eyeshadow in Rose Petalo - Dischem
    3. Borjois volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara - Edgars stores
    4. All in one face base from The Body Shop - R145.00 from The Body Shop

    How to achieve the simple look:

    1. Prepare your eyelid with either an eyeshadow primer or normal face powder.  I prefer using a face base powder.
    2. Use a pink colour to cover the entire eyelid.
    3. Create a thick line along the top eyeline with a purple cream eyeshadow.
    4. Take the pink that you covered your lids in and again coat the lids with a layer making sure not to cover the purple line of eyeshadow you created in step 3.
    5. Smudge the top edge of the purple line of cream eyeshadow to soften the look.
    6. Take a bit of the cream eyeshadow or the purple you used and line the bottom of your eyelids just under the lash line.
    7. Finish off the look with a volumising mascara.


    1. Because this look is very light and neutral, you can pair it with a dark lip colour or brighter cheeks.
    2. I wear a shade of sheer pink lipstick with this look, my favourite being Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour lip protectant sheer tint stick in Blush.  This retails for around R125.


    I am by no means a makeup artist, nor am I pretending to be one.  All the looks I share will be very simple and easy to do.


    1. Your lashes are just...WOW!! Love it!

      1. Thanks Claire. I always look at my sister's lashes with envy. She was way more lashes than what I do and her ones are naturally darker. Without mascara on people can hardly see mine because they are so light :P

    2. LOVE that colour!! So feminine! XX


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