• Wishing Wednesday

    Yes, this is another Shelley & Harry post....and that's simply because I am a huge fan! (You can read my previous posts here, here and here).

    This time I have spotted 3 beautifully feminine necklaces from the Goddess range, ranging in price from R340 to R380.
    Image sourced from the Shelly & Harry website
    Purple is my favourite colour and therefore I am immediately drawn to the Amethyst necklace.  I'd love to hear what jewellery you like on the Shelly & Harry website.

    For more information on Shelley & Harry you can visit the website or follow Shelley on twitter or facebook.  The jewellery is carried by a number of stores which can be viewed on the Shelley & Harry website.


    1. Love the amethyst necklace - although I probably have enough amethyst jewelry already to open up my own store ;)

      1. It's so beautiful. The strange thing is that my favourite colour is purple but I don't own any purple jewellery :P

    2. The Green Luna Amethyst is so beautiful!


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