• Things that...make me smile

    Things that make me smile:

    1. Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume - I wear this at least 3 times a week.
    2. Dachshunds - As you know I love dachshunds and can never not smile when I see one.
    3. Flowers - I am a sucker for flowers.
    4. Essie Nail polish - I love wearing nail polish and so far out of all the nail polishes I have tried, this seems to last the longest for me.
    5. Hot chocolate with marshmallows - it being winter, I do like to indulge in a cup every now and then (Except I overload my mug with marshmallows :P)
    6. Pretty underwear - I love pretty colourful underwear.  It's so much fun mixing and matching.  Wearing underwear you like does give you extra confidence.


    1. Those things make me smile too!! :O)

    2. There may be a lot of reasons of smile and flowers are one of them. They gives a pleasure and glory to the eyes. Just imagine how beautiful it will be when you just enter to the house and find the whole house decorated with flowers.
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