• Pumps from Green Cross

    As with most women I really like shoes a lot...A LOT! But I am one of those unfortunate ones that cannot really wear high heels all that often because I have a weak left knee and whenever I wear a pair of heels I suffer for at least a week afterwards.  So I have learned to appreciate flat shoes and in particular I adore pumps.  Here are a few pumps I adore from the Green Cross website:
    Images sourced from the Green Cross website.
    My personal favourites are style 5249 and 5213.  The full range of Green Cross shoes can be viewed on their website.  Follow Green Cross on Twitter and Facebook.


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      1. Yes, it's wonderful! But style 5213 in Black is on my "To Get" list. Thanks for visiting my blog again Charlene :) I appreciate your loyal support.


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