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    My sister and I are HUGE animal lovers, to the extent that when we see animals we tend to zone out completely and ignore all human life form around us.  She sent me this picture because the night before I had been joking about getting a Mini branded baby onesie for my dog simply because it had the Mini logo on it (I don't I don't dress my dogs up, although in this cold weather I think my dog wouldn't complain too much.):
    Image Source
    I know this is probably old news for many but in any case, I then saw that the image title was Sweet Million Lottery and decided to do a google search (yes, I know I am a very sad individual).  It was then that that I saw that the image actually came from TV adverts...Cue Youtube...
    After watching that video I could barely contain the cuteness overload and then saw there was another advert on YouTube... Evil marketing people!
    For all the animal lovers out there, I hope you at least enjoyed this very self indulgent post of mine 


    1. Ah that is cute! Animals are the sweetest, cutest little friends in the world

    2. Animals indeed the cutest and most loyal friends! I love my dog more than I love most people :P


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