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    Essie - Topless and  Barefoot (R89)
    As with my other Essie nail polishes, the quality is great and the polish lasts well on my nails.  This is a nice neutral colour and perfect for days in the office where you can't wear too wild a colour :P  Again - The brush is not exactly my favourite to use.  I prefer a wider brush that spreads and covers my entire nail in one sweep.  The thin Essie brush takes getting use to.  I used Essie 3-way glaze as a base and top coat.


    1. The colour is amazing! It tends to take on a different look depending on the weather or top coat that you use. When I use the Essie 3-way Glaze it looks a little more beige and when I use the Sally Hansen Quick Dry top coat it has a slightly more pink colour. This is almost as pretty as Accessorize's Fudge which I still adore! Thanks for the comments ladies! I have added your names for the extra entries for the upcoming giveaway :)

      1. I also love Accessorize's fudge - such a pretty nude.

    2. That's pretty - I have never worn such a neutral colour, for some reason I always go for the darker colours when buying but this is nice!
      What do you do for work (saw you mention the office)

      1. Hi Kerry,

        I am the opposite with nail polishes. I can't really pull of dark colours nicely with my skin tone so I always buy light colours and admire the dark colour on other people :P

        I am a Business Analyst for a financial software development company (I work on an application that does Performance and Attribution calculations to help asset manager to see how well their portfolios perform and provide them with data to analyse what their portfolio management decisions are like). So I am basically in an office filled with 30-odd men and 7 women :P The men don't understand my nail polish addiction but I always say to the ones around me, if they are allowed to get their nicotine fix during working hours then I am allowed to get my nail polish fix :P

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