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    I am starting to slowly make my way towards 10 000 page views.  It's still hard to believe that it's been just over 4 months.  Thank you again to everyone who takes the time to pop by for a visit - especially for all those who regularly visit and leave comments or tweet me.  I appreciate it all so very much.

    I'm going to use this opportunity to again remind you of the 10 000 page view giveaway that I have planned. So keep an eye on my blog.  It's going to be a fun giveaway that will be special for a lucky Gee Whiskers reader.

    The giveaway gift will not be sponsored by a company, it is something I will be purchasing myself to express my gratitude.  Unfortunately I am not rolling in dough so I can only give 1 gift to a reader.  But I promise you that it'll be delightful.


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      1. Thank you so much Chicara :) I know you are one of the people that always pop by my blog. I appreciate it. xxx

    2. Congrats and keep on blogging!

    3. Wow congrats Charlene, that's alotta page views in such a short time. Keep up the awesome work and never lose your love and passion for blogging :)

    4. Thank you Jasmine and Kerry so very much for the encouraging words! xxx

    5. I can't say that I am surprised that you have had so many views in such a short time, Charlene, your blog is AMAZING and definitely makes a person want to come back for more...that's why I do!! Keep us the GREAT work hun! Beeg hugs!! XX

      1. Wow Tammy, Thank you so very much! Your comment really made my day :) I appreciate all the visits and am so glad to hear that you enjoy coming back. xxx


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