• Honest Artisan Chocolate

    While waiting to pay for some items at the Organic Living store in Constantia Village I saw these beautifully packaged chocolates by Honest Raw Organic Chocolate.  I am not a serious lover of chocolate (yes, I know it's shocking and unusual) but I adore the beautiful designs they use to package up their chocolate.
    To find a stockist near you visit the Honest Chocolate Website.
    The Honest Chocolate website is very beautifully done and it even makes me crave a bit of chocolate - that says a lot because I seldom crave chocolate!  What looks even more incredible is their chocolate shop in Wale Street, Cape Town - I will definitely try to visit the store soon.  

    You can follow Honest on Twitter and Facebook.


    1. Im also not a serious lover of chocolate! So you're not alone. :)

    2. Glad I am not alone :) I don't even like the scent of The Body Shop chocomania goodies :P But I must admit, the Body Thrills Chocolate and Coffee scrub smells heavenly! Congrats again on your Beauty Bulletin win - told you you'd win for that amazing Mug Shot! :) xxx


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