• Hand pamper set from Spiezia

    Spiezia is handmade, 100% organic and natural skin care products made in Cornwall.  They have four ranges of products: Made of Her, Made for Him, Made for Body and Made for Therapy.  There is also a range of Baby products.

    A few weeks ago I won a Spiezia giveaway on twitter.  When the delivery arrived I ripped the packaging open.  As with the Balm Balm products, the Spiezia products came in a beautiful cloth bag that I adore because it is so handy to keep everything together and can be easily carried around in your handbag (I have a huge handbag so I am carting a lot of goodies around with me nowadays - see here).

    1. Moisturising hand balm - As you can see from the image above the balm has a wonderful consistency.  When applied it almost seems to melt into my skin and my hands slurp up every last drop. The balm is oil based consisting of olive oil and beeswax.   These ingredients leave the skin incredibly well moisturised and what I especially like is that you only need a tiny amount to thoroughly moisturise both hands.  In all honesty I am not a huge fan of the scent of the balm but that does not take away from how fantastic it is and I use it all the time.
    2. Lavender and Chamomile soap - I adore natural soaps.  In the past I used store bought soaps and they were all harsh on my skin and stripped it of all moisture.  I switched to natural soaps over a year ago and have tried many, but this offering from Spiezia has be my favourite to date.  The first thing that I noticed about the soap is the amazing scent.  Before I even opened the little box I could smell the lavender and it immediately relaxed me.  As with the hand balm, the soap contains olive oil which makes it a treat to use because you can feel it moisturising your skin while using it.  After use my skin always feels beautifully clean, soft and moisturised.  For those of you who use supermarket branded soaps, you should really try a natural soap and see what a difference it makes to your skin.  It might be more expensive but if you think about it, you'll save on moisturisers because your skin won't be stripped of all its moisture.
    3. Cuticle oil - I never use to fully understand what the point of cuticle oil was until I started using it.  I always thought hand cream was enough.  But a lot of hand creams don't have the moisturising and nourishing capabilities that cuticle oils have.  Furthermore, in order to ensure that your nails grow strong and healthy you need to provide them with the minerals needed which are mostly only present in all good cuticle oils.  I apply the oil throughout the day because it's so easy to incorporate into my day and after 2 weeks of use I can see and feel the difference it makes.
    I was having a conversation on twitter with @Rochkay yesterday about natural products versus the products sold in most stores.  There is just no comparason whatsoever.  I've started to become incredibly fussy with the products I use now after being exposed to brands such as Spiezia.  Yes they are slightly more expensive, but at the end of the day they are worth every single cent.  My skin has never felt or looked this good before.

    A big thank you once again to Spiezia for the hamper.
    Love Green is the sole importer of Spiezia products into South Africa.  Their website contains a list of Spiezia stockists.  You can also order products by emailing:  susan@spieziaorganics.co.za.   Follow Spiezia on twitter and facebook.


    1. You are such a winner...well done Charlene!! :O)

      1. I have been incredibly lucky lately and won so many wonderful things. Thanks for leaving a comment Tammy :)

    2. The Restorative Body Balm is amazing! Would like to try their cuticle oil


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