• Feel Good Friday

    Visit the Le Creuset website or shop on their online store.
    I adore the colour purple as well as the Le Creuset range, so putting these two together is a match made in purple heaven for me.  It always makes me smile when I walk by the store and see the shelf filled with purple goodies.

    What is your favourite colour in the Le Creuset range?

    Nice to know:
    If you are puzzled, as I was, on how to properly pronounce Le Creuset, you can take a listen here and finally know how!

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    1. ah love this! my dad is a huge le creuset fan so we have the beautiful colorful pots in our kitchen :)

      1. I envy you so much having all these amazing pots around you :) But the annual sale is on so I might go buy myself something purple soon!


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