• 10 Day Challenge

    I saw this on Whimsy is Forever, it is one of the blogs I love visiting and I know Laura Jane often visits my blog too.  So it's so fun to participate in this with a fellow blogger.
    Here is goes:

    1. Growing up my grand ambition was to be a shop teller.  At the time I thought it was so cool that they got to push the buttons on the tills and everyone handed over money to them.  I didn't understand that they didn't get to keep the money.  Once I started school and realised that they didn't get to keep the money I soon abandoned that idea and naturally I then wanted to become a teacher...one problem though...and that leads me to secret number 2...
    2. I am terrified of children!  I wouldn't say that I hate children, I quite like them and I am a loving person by nature.  But the thought of having children terrifies me! When I am around youngsters I can feel my blood pressure rise and my heart rate increase as the fear and panic starts to set in.  So there was no hope of me becoming a teacher.
    3. I love to sing and dance! When I am alone I go nuts and it would be highly embarrassing if anyone ever caught me on film.
    4. I can't stand most cooked veggies so I cut them up into tiny pieces and just swallow them.  I know...super weird! I prefer raw veggies.
    5. I still have my first (and only) barbie doll.  I never gave her a name but I'll never give her away.  Growing up my parents couldn't afford to buy me the best toys and that is why I only ever had one barbie doll.  I treasured her and took very good care of her.  As I grew up I learnt the value of things and she became a symbol of never taking what you have forgranted.  Whenever I need a reality check I take a look at her.
    6. I hate crying in front of people.  Only family members and VERY few friends have seen me cry.  To give you an example, I have 3 very close friends that I have been best friends with for 9 years and only 1 of them has ever seen me cry and that was 8 years ago.
    7. Ok, so this one is not a big secret - I adore animals BUT what people don't know is that when I see animals I become almost completely childlike and become so excited that I completely zone out.  People talk to me and I just don't respond.
    8. I am not a huge fan of chocolate or ice-cream.  In summer I'll occasionally crave ice-cream, but then I mostly always choose sorbet or frozen juice lolly pops.  I hate softserve!
    9. I hate change - being a Taurean I like routine and the comfort of familiar things.  So when there are big changes that I need to make I am very slow to take the steps towards something different.
    10. I cannot go a single day without listening to music.  I basically collect CDs like books and have a dream of having a bookcase with a ladder... like they have in movies where the bookcase goes up to the ceiling and fills an entire wall and there's a wooden ladder that slides from one end to the other, but instead of books it's thousands of CDs.


    1. Love, LOVE this! I giggled and nodded through a few of these.

      I totally agree with number 2 - you could be describing me. ;)

      I also love animals and normally behave like a kid as well.

      1. Glad you enjoyed reading it :) After seeing this on Laura Jane's blog I had to participate because I knew I was going to be visiting her blog every day to see what was on her list and it's fun to participate.

    2. Glad you joined in :)Always great to learn more about the bloggers behind the blog ;)
      #3 is totally me! Haha!
      And I also prefer raw veggies - I don't like the texture when they go all soft, urg.
      I never used to cry, ever, most especially in front of others. I don't know what happened, but now I'll cry anywhere. Weird.

      1. I am so happy I joined the 10 day challenge. It's been so much fun :)

    3. Loving reading your 10 day challenge Charlene!! I think everyone should do it...just helps for us to get to know ourselves better as well and what our goals and dreams are/were! So often we get caught up in life and we somehow lose ourselves and forget about all that stuff!! Good to have some clear perspective again! Very inspiring! I might just do it too! Thanks hun! Hugs!

      1. Hi Tammy -

        This Challenge has been a lot of fun after seeing it on Laura Jane's blog (Whimsy is forever) I had to join her. I think I have learnt a lot about myself and it does help one to gain some perspective.

        Hugs back! xxx


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