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    Before I get started, let me first apologise for the very long post - but I am far too excited to share my experience so I'm putting my review into one post instead of shorter individual ones.  For those of you who dislike reading long blog posts, you can just admire the photos, those alone show you how amazing these products are.

    Body Thrills is a South African online store selling 100% natural and organic homemade bath and skincare products.  I recently purchased a few goodies and can't wait to report back on my experience using the various products.
    From top left: Detox Smoothie Mask (R80), Healing & Soothing Body Loofah (R80), Chocolate & Coffee Cellulite Scrub (R80) and Cupcake Frosting lip balm (R40).

    Consistency of the products from top: Chocolate & Coffee Cellulite Scrub; Healing & Soothing Body Loofah and Detox Smoothie mask.
    I was so excited to try out the products that I ran a warm bath immediately. The first scrub I tried was the Healing & Soothing Body Loofah which is made with eucalyptus, tea tree, green tea, lavender, peppermint, lime and shea butter.  I use scrubs on dry skin while standing in an empty bath with the plug in, then I fill the bath up with warm water and wash the product off my skin.  What is great about this scrub in particular is that it is filled with lots of natural ingredients and you can actually see the leaves and sticks of the plants.  By filling the bath up with water and allowing the excess product to soak in the water, the water becomes infused with all the ingredients and is perfect for soaking in.  The fragrance of this scrub is fantastic which aids in relaxation.  

    While relaxing in the bath I applied the Detox Smoothie Mask which is made with chamomile blossoms, tea tree, geranium and lemon.  The mask is beautifully scented and you can feel it gently working on your skin.  It has a thick gel like consistency that really soaks into the skin and when washed off it leaves your skin with a squeaky clean and refreshed feeling.  Usually with deep cleaning products my skin feels dry and tight after removing the product, but with this mask my skin feels beautifully moisturised and nourished afterwards.  This has truly become my favourite face mask and is such a treat to use that I want to use it everyday and have to force myself not to.

    As expected, the Chocolate & Coffee Cellulite Scrub smells incredible!  It is filled with chocolate, coffee beans, ginger, cinnamon and shea butter.  I am certain that there is either course salt or sugar in it (I was even tempted to taste it to be certain) because it has a wonderful course consistency that is perfect for stimulating blood flow to the skin.  A moisturising layer of oil is left on the skin after use.  I use it every second day on my "problem" areas and can feel that the area is well stimulated after use.  I love this scrub so much that I even use it on my hands because it's perfect for treating dry winter skin and leaves my hands feeling incredibly smooth.

    Lastly, the Cupcake Frosting Lip Balm.  As the name suggests this is a decadent dose of the most delicious smelling cupcake frosting.  Made of vanilla, coconut and cocobutter, this balm is so yummy smelling that you are almost tempted to take a big lick of the product out of the little tub.  The balm is very good at moisturising dry winter lips and I have actually used it on all areas of my skin that needs a little extra moisturising.  I had a cold recently and used the balm to soothe the skin around my nose that was taking a beating from all the tissues I was going through (don't worry, I took the balm out with one finger and didn't stick that same finger back into the tub). 

    All in all, I am incredibly happy with my purchases and will definitely be trying out many other products in the future.  I already have my eye on the Breakfast for your face, Rose & Geranium face wash, Pina Colada Bath Crystals and Nourishing & Soothing Hair Repair Mask - to name but a few.  

    In all honesty, I basically only buy The Body Shop bath products but after trying out these Body Thrills scrubs and face mask I have been converted! Not only are the products a lot more affordable, but they are equally as nice smelling and are 100% natural!  The Body Shop can't even claim that, the closest they have come to it is with the beautifying body oils (which isn't even 100% natural).  Personally I also prefer the beautiful labeling that Body Thrills uses and I love the website.  Placing orders is such a pleasure and the feedback on the order process is fantastic.  So it's safe to say that from now on I'll be placing my orders with Body Thrills and I'll try my absolute best to not go overboard and buy all I set my eyes on...as difficult as that may be, I promise I'll try! 

    Follow Body Thrills on twitter and facebook.  And why not try out a few of their products for yourself by visiting the online store!

    Tip:  Because these products contain all natural ingredients, during the shipping of the products and when sitting in the bathroom some settling and separating of the ingredients occur, which might alarm you when you first open the tub.  All you need to do is give the products a bit of a stir or shake to get the ingredients all mixed up again.  This was especially important with the lip balm because there was a thin layer of oil that had separated and when applied to the lips it has an incredibly bitter taste - but this is resolved when mixed up before use.
    Banner images source from the Body Thrills website


    1. The Chocolate & Coffee Cellulite Scrub sounds fabulous!!

      1. Hi Charlene :)

        The scrub not only sounds fabulous - it truly is fabulous. There are some great winter special packages on sale from as little as R100 :) I've just placed my next order!

        Thanks for visiting my blog again xxx

    2. Fabulous review! Aaah love their goodies so much - glad you had a good experience as well. That chocolate + coffee scrub sounds and looks incredible.

      I can't wait for my HUGE haul to arrive. I also ordered the Detox Smoothie Mask and a few of the lip balms. So excited. :) Their products smell insanely good and I always look forward to bathtime...

      1. Thanks Chicara - if it weren't for your blog posts I wouldn't have known about this amazing company - so thank you!

        Did you see they have special packs again? I just ordered Package 2 and 3 :D http://www.bodythrills.co.za/products/product-category/special-packs/

      2. Yes. Some fabulous goodies! I don't need to buy products for a long time haha. I have a HUGE package coming my way soon... ;)

      3. I know! You must be SUPER excited! :D I can't wait to see what you get in your hamper - I think it'll almost be the entire product range! Looking forward to all your blog posts xxx


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